TEXT: Jeremiah 33:1-3

When Jeremiah wrote this, he “was still confined in the courtyard of the guard” (33:1). He is in prison and Jerusalem has been conquered and destroyed. The Children of Israel had long hoped for the restoration of Jerusalem and to be united in their land. But there was nothing that Jeremiah or the others could do to restore Jerusalem. It was beyond their power. So, God tells them, “just ask me…and I will tell you things that you cannot even begin to dream about.”

First of all, God says to “Call to Me”

• Hebrew word for “call” is the same word in Psalm 147:9, to describe the “cry” of the young ravens for food

• The idea of prayer should be one of urgency

• Pouring out our hearts to God with great passion

• The Bible exhort us to “call upon God”

• Jeremiah 29:12-13

• Psalm 10:17

• Isaiah 30:19

• Isaiah 55:6

Not only does God says to “call to Him” but God tells us, “I WILL answer you”!!

• Some people pray to Buddha or to Mohammed even to the earth or the sky…but get no answer

• God says, “I WILL answer”

• If you aren’t getting answers to your prayers… take another look at your prayer life• James 5:16 – “effective prayer”

• Examples of praying people in the Bible?

• If you think that God only answers the prayers of great men and women of the Bible – James said that “Elijah was a man, just like us” – if Elijah was just like us…then  we can expect that God will answer our prayers just like He did for Elijah

• Jesus said, that we will be able to do greater things that He did (John 14:12)

• God answers big prayers and little prayers – I know that you have prayed how God has answered your prayers?

Not only does God promise to answer our cry – He promises to tell us great and unsearchable things

• Another version states that God “I will tell you marvelous and wondrous things”

• When you have a problem that is too big or a situation that is too complex – Jesus will solve your problems in incredible ways that you never thought possible!          • Whatever your problem

• Whatever your situation


• Whatever your burden

• Whatever your need

• God has just the right answer at the right time for you


BUT you have to call on Him – BE INTENTIONAL ABOUT PRAYER – God says, “’Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know” Jeremiah 33:3