Is it God’s will for people to be healed?

Answer: Mark 1:40-41

How is it possible for people to be miraculously healed today?

Answer: Hebrews 13:8

Can Jesus heal all kinds of sickness and disease?

Answer: Matthew 4:23

What is the basis for “Jesus” healing?

Answer: Matthew 8:16-17

What is the one important thing necessary for healing?

               Answer: Luke 18:42-43

When I am sick what should I do?

               Answer: James 5:14

What is the effect of prayer for the sick?

               Answer: James 5:15

Does God give special gifts of healing?

                Answer: 1Corinthians 12:9

Is it in order to apply oil when praying for the sick?

                 Answer: James 5:14

What is the main purpose for healing and miracles?

                 Answer: John 20:30-13

Can God ever use sickness for His glory?

                  Answer: John 11:4

Will pain be over when we get to heaven?

                  Answer: Revelations 21:4