God has convicted me of my need to be a person who does not live by default, but to live by decision. To be a person who determines that I will do what it takes to know God better and love Him more, so that He can work in me to become more Christlike and to challenge you to become a person who is intentional in all areas of your life, with the expectation that will do wonderful and marvelous things in you because of it.


• Choose to live decisively
• It always starts with a decision. The problem is that too many people end there – follow through/action                                                                                           • Ephesians 5:15-16
• Spiritual growth requires an intentional effort. Spiritual stagnation and decline requires no effort at all.
• Decisive people strive to make wise decisions based on the Bible
• Commit to correct priorities

• Matthew 15:8

• Priority #1 – Honor God – How? Live by divine conviction not compromise – Live by divine faith not by sight – Live by divine demonstration not by deception
• Covenant with God to submit to His authority

• Luke 6:46

• He is Lord, whether we want to admit it or not – He’s the boss, the One we need to submit to above all others, especially ourselves.
• Tell Him you’re serious about following Him as Lord
• Increase time in the Bible and Prayer
• Colossians3:16• Doesn’t it just make sense that if you want to live a life decisively seeking to please God, you need to know what pleases God? Some of you need to increase some – others need to just plain start! Start to Read 5-10 minutes a day. It doesn’t have to be an hour – Pray while you are reading the Bible – as God prompts your spirit to respond to what you’re reading, just do it – After that, go over any requests for your family and others, then for yourself, always keeping in mind that prayer includes praise, thanksgiving, and confession as well as requests – Daily renew your walk with God – Renew your covenant of love and submission on a daily basis – Expect God to move

• Let us return to the Lord

• Hosea 6:1-2

• Let us press on to acknowledge the Lord
• Hosea 6:3, 6


• In living by decision instead of default, Jesus is our example. He did nothing by default – He was decisive about everything
• Luke 9:51 – “He steadfastly set His face to go to Jerusalem” (JKV) – He knew what was coming up – He knew that going to Jerusalem would bring about His death • Hebrews 12:2 – He went to Jerusalem and faced the cross, scorning its shame, for the joy set before Him – How could knowing that He would be flogged almost to death, then paraded down a street to be jeered at and mocked be reason to see joy? Because He saw beyond Jerusalem. He saw the result. Pardon. Forgiveness. Freedom. Opportunity for you and I to know God on a personal level


Is it easy to live decisively? No! But when you do – God works in you and makes it worth it!