Coach Pat Street has written several “sets” (20 cards per set – that are sports specific – football, basketball, softball, baseball, soccer, etc.) of Sports Chapel Cards.

The way the “chapel” works is, for example, Chapel One is to be printed on a 3×5 card (a print shop can do this for you, a template of a card can be e-mailed toy to upon request), each athlete and coach gets a card. The chapel lasts only 10 minutes and then close with prayer. Coach Street has been doing these chapels at River Valley High School with really great response from coaches, athletes and parents.

If you would like to receive a set of 20 cards FREE – e-mail Coach Street – tell him you want cards for either Football, Baseball, Softball, Soccer, or Basketball.

Click on the link to check out each chapel.

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The 2006 River Valley High School Baseball team is enjoying the weekly Time-Out Sports Chapels.

Head Coach Randy Leach likes the fact that each chapel has been right-on to what the team needs to hear. Coach Allen Douce has been sharing the chapel cards. Above is pictured Youth Pastor John Chapman standing in for Coach Douce.

(L to R) Coach Randy Leach and Coach Allen Douce at Tuesday “chapel”

The Marion Mayhem is part of the Continental Indoor Football League. 2006 is the inaugural season.

Coach Pat Street is the team chaplain. He does a weekly chapel with the team and coaches, a weekly Bible study with players, a pre-game devotional, a pre-game locker room prayer with the team and at the end of each home game the teams join together for prayer at centerfield.