Sports Quotes by Coach Pat Street

“Your attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards you!” –Coach Pat Street

“Intensity must last to the last whistle!”-Coach Pat Street

“Your talent is a gift from God. What you do with your talent is your gift back to God!”-Coach Pat Street

“Right-thinking and right-effort will bring right-results!”-Coach Pat Street

“One positive thought that survives and thrives will always overcome a dozen negative thoughts!” -Coach Pat Street

“Remember: To react is negative. To respond is positive!”-Coach Pat Street

“If you think you can, you can – faith is a must in winning!”-Coach Pat Street

“To be a success, your attitude is equally as important as your ability!” –Coach Pat Street

“FACT: 99% of all failure comes from having the habit of making excuses . . . always challenge your excuses!” –Coach Pat Street

“The pessimist makes difficulties out of opportunities – The optimist makes opportunities out of difficulties! Which are you?” –Coach Pat Street

“Never look back unless that’s the direction you intend to go!” -Coach Pat Street

“The 3 D’s of Discipline are: Desire, Decision, and Determination!”-Coach Pat Street

“To succeed you must be inspired and inspiring!”-Coach Pat Street

“Vision is never enough, it must be combined with venture!”-Coach Pat Street

“If you only give 90% in practice, you’ll probably only give 90% when it really matters! Giving 110% doesn’t make you special – it makes you part of the team!” -Coach Pat Street

“Personal glory isn’t as important as playing and winning as a team!”-Coach Pat Street

“None of us are as effective as all of us!”-Coach Pat Street

“A teams destiny is what happens when preparation with perspiration meets application!” –Coach Pat Street

“A team can only get better if they work together to get beyond their limits!”-Coach Pat Street

“A team begins to be successful the minute it decides to be a team!”-Coach Pat Street

“Working together as a team is like ascending up a ladder one step at a time!”-Coach Pat Street

“The most common denominator for team success is working together as a team!”-Coach Pat Street

“To do your best and play up to your potential you must prepare. And that means practice!” -Coach Pat Street

“Excellence is not an action, it’s a habit!”-Coach Pat Street

“Hard work reveals character: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, some don’t turn up at all!” -Coach Pat Street

“Hard work without talent can be agony, but talent without hard work is always a tragedy!” -Coach Pat Street

“Opportunity always favors the team that has paid the price of preparation!”-Coach Pat Street

“Remember: opportunity is never lost, it’s always taken by others!”-Coach Pat Street

“God gives talent, practice transforms that talent into victory!”-Coach Pat Street

“A top athlete uses the talent God’s given mixed with energy, enthusiasm and hard work!” –Coach Pat Street

“Practice smart, play smart – the only one who can stop you is you!”-Coach Pat Street

“Competitive toughness is a learned skill not an inherited talent!”-Coach Pat Street

“Winning is the result of hard-work and team-work!”-Coach Pat Street

“Win is spelled: Whatever you do, do your best; Invest your time and talents; Never give in, give up or give over!” –Coach Pat Street

“Always handle your losses with dignity and your victories with humility!”-Coach Pat Street

“Winning starts as a state of mind, it then spreads with such determined purpose that destiny must follow!” –Coach Pat Street

“Champions achieve and win by motivating themselves!”-Coach Pat Street

“Show character and sportsmanship – if you do, winning will take care of itself!”-Coach Pat Street

“To win, you have to finish first – that means you can’t hold anything back!”-Coach Pat Street

“It’s impossible to win unless you get in the game and it’s impossible to gain the victory unless you dare to go all out!” –Coach Pat Street

“Sacrifice offers nothing less than blood, sweat and heart!”-Coach Pat Street

“Sacrifice askes: What are you giving for your team?”-Coach Pat Street

“Sacrifice will either find a way or make a way!”-Coach Pat Street

“Sacrifice is made up of two things: Risk and Opportunity!”-Coach Pat Street

“Sacrifice is exhibited by the athlete that pushes on once the effort becomes painful!”-Coach Pat Street

“A dream always precedes a goal.”-Coach Pat Street

“Influence is needed in the game of life as much as in the game of sports!”-Coach Pat Street

“Remember: There’s always someone watching you from the stands and they want to be just like you!” –Coach Pat Street

“Influence is inspiration illustrated!”-Coach Pat Street

“A coach inspires a team to have the will to play the game and have the faith to believe it’s possible to win!” –Coach Pat Street

“The only way to find the limits of the possible is to go beyond them!”-Coach Pat Street

“God gave you a body that can stand almost anything. The real test is convincing your mind of this truth!” –Coach Pat Street

“Influence is not so much where you stand but where you are heading!”-Coach Pat Street

“A coach pushes an athlete beyond good – if you’re willing to accept “good” you’ll never be the “best”!” -Coach Pat Street

“Live the difference!”-Coach Pat Street

“Setting a good example isn’t the main way to influence others, it’s the only way!”-Coach Pat Street

“Whatever you do it whole-heartedly. Half-hearted effort gains only half-hearted results!” –Coach Pat Street

“Whoever you are and whatever you’re doing – excellence is within your reach!”-Coach Pat Street

“Excellence holds you to a higher standard – never excuse yourself!”-Coach Pat Street

“Your worth isn’t based on what you have but on who you are!”-Coach Pat Street

“Every champion has one thing in common: an absolute sense of purpose!”-Coach Pat Street

“The people may forget how fast you ran the race, but they will never forget how well you ran it!” –Coach Pat Street

“Little things make the difference!”-Coach Pat Street